Why This Website?

Teenaged boy holding plate of sausages he has just grilledWe want life to be easy for our children.  When we first learn that our child is blind, going blind or is visually impaired, we feel crushed by the difficulties he or she will face.  It's true, life is not going to be easy for them, because they must negotiate and adapt to the world of the sighted.  And frankly, as parents, we're facing a few unique difficulties ourselves!

We and our children are navigating in a world none of us want to be in.  We agonize over whether to protect or to challenge our child, whether to give pep talks or sympathize, whether to help in ways that make life easier for them or to let them struggle.

We want our blind child to connect and to belong, but most of us don't know a blind person or other parents with blind children.  There are other children who, like yours, feel like outsiders in a sighted world and who want to find community in shared stories and experiences.  There are parents who, like you, want to learn what other parents have tried and learned and who want to share their joy, heartbreak, frustration and triumph.

How do we help our child find his or her tribe?  We need access to information that will empower our children and ourselves.  We need to connect so that we know we're not alone.

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